Touchless Thermometer And Hand Disinfectant Stands


What Is Touchless Thermometer And Hand Disinfectant Stands?

With the COVID-19 epidemic, many concepts have emerged today. Epidemic, HES code, coronavirus, delta variant and much more… In addition, diseases increased and our health faced negative effects. However, multiple health steps have been taken to minimize such negativities.

Thanks to the HES code application, vaccination and such factors, we were able to secure our health. In particular, it was observed that the coronavirus was more common in crowded environments. For this, certain devices for the HES code were started to be available in more than one place where the crowds are dense, especially in the hospitals.

With the HES code, stand types were developed that give feedback on whether people have a risk situation when entering or leaving. At the beginning of these are the non-contact thermometer and hand disinfectant stand, which are widely used.

Devices To Keep Your Health Safe In Crowded Environments

Before entering a crowded environment, you will be asked for your HES code, it is recommended to use disinfectant, and your entrance will be provided after your temperature is measured. However, in some places, it is tiring to get the HES codes of the people one by one and it is a waste of time. At this point, fast and practical HES code reader devices that will keep the health of both employees, users and institutions safe are preferred.

For these purposes, there is a device that is widely preferred today. This device is a non-contact thermometer and hand disinfectant stand device. So, what does this device do?

Here are the details…

All these features are provided by the non-contact thermometer and hand sanitizer stand. You can contact us 7-24 and get help from our support team to witness a quality device and get the best. Remember that your health is always safe with us…

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