Human Disinfection Tunnel


What Does The Human Disinfection Tunnel Mean?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we continue to hear new concepts every day. The coronavirus epidemic, delta variant, omicron and much more… Because of this endless struggle against the epidemic, multiple health studies have been and are still being done.

In particular, studies are being carried out on the implementation of the HES code and what kind of measures to be taken in addition to the vaccine application. It is obvious that those who are in public and crowded environments are more exposed to the virus threat. For this reason, disinfection devices have been produced in workplaces, hospitals, airports, schools, factories and many other places to minimize the deadly effects of the virus and to protect us from the virus.

These devices are; ultraviolet disinfection cabinet for medical overalls, portable HES code reader, non-contact thermometer and hand disinfectant stand and much more. Although the features and working logic of each of them are different, the purpose of use of all of them is the same. Of course, these devices are needed wherever there are public areas in order to be protected from the negative effects of the coronavirus. So, what is a human disinfection tunnel?

What Does The Human Disinfection Tunnel Do?

Human disinfection tunnel; disinfects the people coming from outside in the cabin in usage areas such as factories, plazas and workplaces. Thanks to this disinfecting feature, the transmission effect of the virus is minimized. Because if you work in a crowded and collective environment, you must have encountered the disinfection cabinet.

However, it would be better for health to use this device almost everywhere in order to further reduce the cases of viruses that try to reach their peak at any time. It is important to have a human disinfection tunnel wherever you have your own office, workplace and living space. Thanks to this device, which has a very important place in terms of health, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

What Are The Human Disinfection Tunnel Prices?

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